GETEC Energy Service Contracting:
Efficient. Economical. Environmentally friendly.

GETEC is the market leader in energy service contracting. GETEC heat & power AG focuses in particular on the provision of energy contracting services for industry at home and abroad and for complex large-scale properties, the acquisition and operation of larger heating and cogeneration plants and the provision of energy services in the areas of energy efficiency and EPC contracting (general contractor model) / plant construction.

GETEC heat & power AG provides its customers with reliable and cost-effective heat, cooling, steam and electricity. GETEC plans, builds, operates and finances the power plant. We also carry out the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment. GETEC energy contracting lowers energy costs significantly with innovative, modern technology and optimised fuel use.

Our energy-efficiency concepts reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment. We rely on a diversified fuel mix: from renewable energy sources and proven natural gas through to the very cost-effective production of energy using the domestic fuel lignite dust. We develop the optimal solution for each client.

We carry out fuel and electricity management with transparent procurement strategies and thus ensure economical prices.

GETEC heat & power AG has its headquarters in Magdeburg and is the market leader in the thermal utilisation and combustion of dusts, lean and special gases and the conversion of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide.

GETEC is your partner for efficient and environmentally friendly energy production.

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Turf cutting ceremony for highly efficient GETEC combined heat & power plant

09.02.2016 - On 9 February, 2016 the turf cutting ceremony took place for a new, highly efficient engine-based cogeneration system and innovative steam generation plant at the Industrial & Chemical Park in Zeitz. The project is a joint venture between the site operator, Infra-Zeitz Servicegesellschaft mbH, the chemical company, Puralube GmbH, and the energy service provider, GETEC heat & power AG.... 
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GETEC inaugurates an ultra efficient CHP system

22.01.2016 - DHW Deutsche Hydrierwerke GmbH, Rodleben commissioned a new co-generation plant in Dessau-Roßlau on the 22nd of January 2016. The system has been providing steam and electricity to this venerable chemical plant, since the beginning of the year. The power production plant was planned and built by GETEC heat & power AG, who will be providing ongoing energy services for the next several... 
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Contracting agreement signed: GETEC supplies the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park with heat and power from an ultra efficient CHP system

11.01.2016 - From mid 2016 GETEC heat & power AG will be supplying heat and power to companies at the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park. As part of a framework agreement, GETEC will plan, fund, construct and operate an ultra efficient co-generation plant (CHP system) for Infra-Zeitz and Puralube, two companies located at the site. The agreement was signed on the 18th of December 2015 by Volker Schulz,... 
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